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Friday, January 27, 2017



  1. Solid job. Although, I would recommend a bit of expansion to the pilot attire/business man model. "FLY" is a major part of the theme, so could it be argued that the pilot cap is used as a visual metaphor and point of emphasis?

    Also, the NCR logo is red - which is a color that demands attention. You could also say something along the lines of "The PC6 workplace computer - only from NCR (emphasis on NCR). Buy one today and avoid the grounding of other workplace computers." The quote may play on the flight theme, but it is obvious that an attempt to have brand recognition is there.

    Finally, I recommend you call to attention that the title is a San Serif typeface while the body paragraphs are in Serif typeface choices. The NCR logo is also a San Serif typeface. What sort of impact do these choices on typeface elicit?

    Good use of rhetorical elements and decent analysis. There is room for improvement, but it, as I said earlier, is a solid effort and job well done.

  2. I thought overall it was really good, but like Josh said above, I feel like you probably could've emphasized on the "flight" element of the ad a little bit more, and maybe could've gone into more detail about each individual thing that you marked on your paper. Such as why you pointed it out, and what effect it has on the ad as a whole. Besides that, I think that what you pointed out was pretty good!

  3. Overall you did a good job on picking up what is being said within the ad, the only thing you could of done was add more information on what you found or commented on. Maybe add how the PC6 can make you "fly" through your work as if you were pilot of a plane. You emphasize the pilot props that the man is wearing but maybe add reasoning of maybe why he is doing this in the ad.