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Friday, January 27, 2017

Commodore 64


  1. This advertisement seems to promote the traditional idea of family, which is false and restrictive. A working father, stay at home mother, and two kids are all represented, as if the add is trying to argue that the commodore 64 is part of this image too. "A normal American family is not a normal American family without a commodore 64", everyone wants to be accepted as normal and the add plays off that idea. Additionally it makes the statement that "if you do not have a commodore 64 (or don't want one) then you (and your family) must not be acceptable and normal".

  2. I like how you analyzed this ad and looked at the different family members using the ad. One thing I would like to point out is the part about you saying "we promise you won't," suggesting that the computer is fast. I believe this is a way for the advertisers to make the ad more personalized to the average family.

  3. I really liked how you did your analyzing of this ad and really focused on the family side of it. One thing that caught my eye was that even though "you won't use the Commodore 64 more than 24 hours a day", I noticed how the first two pictures with the father and then the son were supposedly taken an hour apart in the morning, and then the mother and son pictures were meant to be taken an hour apart in the afternoon. I think that touching on this could have added on to your argument in some way.