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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Friday, March 2, 2018

Paranormal Investigators of Southern California

Paranormal Investigators of Southern California

Coexistence (Intention)

The investigators use various presence of various qualities of a ghost to point to the pessence of a ghost.
“We are sitting in the living room with the client and she indicates that she feels very cold.  One of our investigators notices the cold spot also.  While the client is mentioning how cold she's feeling we caught this voice say "It's me".  Evidence that the temperature can be manipulated by a spirit.”
Premises (Facts/Truths)

Website indicates that if multiple “experts” agree on the conclusion of a clip then it is concrete.
“Two investigators analyzed this clip and both agreed that it most likely was saying "Get Out".”

Premise Modifiers (Interpretive Schemes)

Investigators limit the field of interpretation so only one conclusion can be drawn from the situation.
Still in the master bedroom, we are sitting on the bed and asking questions when this whistling is heard in the background.  Cyndee and I are the only two people upstairs,  Everyone else was downstairs at the time.  And no one was whistling.”

Example (Single)

The combination of abnormal EMF readings and the whisper point to the existence of a ghost.
"We are sitting in the formal living room and getting EMF readings on our K2's. They appear to respond to our questions and this EVP and sigh is heard during this event"

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Arguments by SWFLPR

"you need to choose one that is not going to take your accounting of the events that you experienced as fact..." 

On the topic of needing to choose a paranormal investigator group SWFPR said this quote above. You need to choose a paranormal investigative group that is not going to believe what you are saying and take it as fact until you bring them in and have them investigate, until you pay them to come. 

"Not everyone believes in ghosts, but more than a third of Americans do, according to a survey from Public Policy Polling...  26 percent of the 1,200 registered voters who were surveyed said they had actually seen one before."

No other statistics were given but the statistic that was provided was 1/3 of Americans believe in ghosts and we know this because of the answer in a survey that said 26 percent of 1,200 people in the study say they have seen one before. 1- saying that they have seen one before does not provide for the statistic that they believe in ghosts. 2- 1,200 registered people is not what represents Americans as a whole. 3- 26 percent is the provided number that assists in supporting the "more than a third of Americans". 26 percent is LESS than a 3rd. 
------Double hierarchy quantitative

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Texas Ghost and Spirit Intervention Analysis

emotional appeal:

"We perceive ourselves as paranormal healers. Our main interest is finding the source of the problem and determining the best course of action to help you regain control of what is rightfully yours, rather than proving or disproving ghosts."

-the website is some what bringing light to the issue and say they don't care about all the bull crap, their main goal is to help you get your normal life back.

- "...rather than proving or disproving ghosts." Do they even believe in their own study?

Sacrifice - Is a result worth some loss?

"We try to make our intervention as comfortable as possible for our client. We know that an overnight investigation can be inconvenient, so we do not require one, except in rare, extreme cases." 

The Atlantic Paranormal Society

Premise- This website uses the Fact/Truths as well as The Supposed premise some of their things are concrete data the others are probable or the likely.

Their Value is Abstract.

Loci: This Website uses Quantity they have tons of photos and links to their other sites as well as  a donate button. 

They use the emotional appeal saying we are not alone we are together as a society.

Presence- Enthymeme This website makes a lot of claims but with not that many evidence. 

However it is well credible because it is  known throughout the world.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

San Diego Paranormal Research Society Perelman

Premises                 Presumptions     The Likely

“As with any evidence, we are NOT out to prove the existence of ghosts; we are only featuring select pieces where no logical or natural explanation could be found.”

Although these videos cannot be unequivocally be proven to show paranormal activity it is highly likely that they do because there is no other explanation

Premises                 Loci         Quality
“we feel that quality over quantity is best when showcasing any possible paranormal evidence on a website.”

The site comes and says that they believe in quality over quantity so they have only a few videos that they feel are good enough to put on their website.

Definition               Descriptive
“Electronic Voice Phenomenon (commonly referred to as “EVP”) is spirit voices captured on a digital or analog recording device that were not heard with the naked ear at the time of their recording”

The site is defining what an Electronic Voice Phenomenon is and what it does.

Establishing the Structure of Reality             Illustration            Clarity
The website includes video, audio, and photograph “proof” that there is such a thing as paranormal activity.