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Friday, January 27, 2017

Calvin Britton Ads


  1. Excellent! Two suggestions for you:

    1. There is repetition of the "Take the Multi and Run." (Which itself is a play on the song "Take the Money and Run" by the Steve Miller Band.) It is both the title and the ending tagline (seen on the bottom of the page). Maybe add an explanation to why the tagline is there? Is it emphasis for the business man on the go?

    2. I noticed you discussed the dark, serious colors. On the subject of color, it should be noted that the NEC logo is red text. For emphasis on brand recognition, it is! The logo is also a serif typeface whereas the title and body paragraphs are sans serif... Perhaps a mention of it?

    I think it is a good interpretation, although I never thought of the "criminal angle". I also think the ad's nod to pop culture helps. I am living on a prayer in saying that I believe it was successful as an ad overall. Good work!

  2. Overall I thought your analysis was good, but I did think that you couldve gone into detail a little bit more, and addressed the logo and the color of it. Also it would probably be good to point out what the words say, and what they mean/ the effect they have on the ad as a whole.
    Besides that, good job!

  3. Good job, but something i noticed after looking at it for a while was that the man and the computer are slightly out of the frame of the picture itself. Also, I'm guessing there is a reason as to why he is running in a suit and not other costume in what seems like an ally background.