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Friday, January 27, 2017

"But I don't believe we could ever work this thing."

Analyzation of Rhetorical Devices
The lightness or darkness of a color.
The entire ad is very light and almost blends in with the skin tone and clothes of the people.
Low Contrast
Little difference between darks and lights.
Most of the colors meshed together. There were different colors but they were all fairly light.
An illusion of depth and space.
This was mostly visible when looking at the man and the woman. They both appeared to be 3-D with the way that shadows were put near their hands or heads.
The tops and sides feel enclosed, trapped.
The bodies of the man and woman fade into the background of the ad so it gives off an effect as though everything in the ad comes together and isn’t separate.
High Angle
Are we looking down at them?
Yes, there is a slight angle to where we have to look down on them because of the 3-D effect and the fact that the computer that they are looking at is below them.
Implied Distance
Is the subject one person’s face?
It isn’t just one person’s face that is close-up in the ad, but it’s both the man and the woman’s faces that are so close you could see up their nostrils is they were real.
How realistic are things?
Surprisingly, the pictures and designs in this ad are very realistic. The people look incredibly real, but if you look close enough, you can tell that it is a drawing/painting. The computer is also very real-looking.
Stroke-height Ratio
How thick are lines in the type in comparison to the height of the letters?
The lines in comparison to the letters are very evenly distributed.
Both sets of text are bolded so that it would be easier to read and catch the eye more.

The word ‘before’ is italicized to prove a point that people say this quote before they realize how smart they are.
The emphasis is on the color because different colors are used to represent different areas of the ad.
Lines to link the reading of letters.
The serif font is much easier to read and makes the ad appear more official and has the ability to make people feel smarter.
Spaces between letters along a line of text (manipulated relatively evenly)
The spacing between each set of texts is very even and also creates for an easier read.

Spacing between the lines of text.
Just like the spacing between the letters, the spacing between the lines is very similar and spaced out evenly.


  1. You made some very interesting points. I find it interesting that everything fades into the white background, giving everything a simple, almost "heaven" like look. It's comforting, and works with the text color to persuade the reader. I don't really see the "sexual tension" you mentioned.

  2. I like the analysis you made with this ad. I could see where you were going with the sexual tension between the man and the woman, but I would probably have said that the woman is more so of admiring the man while he's trying to figure out how to work the computer.

  3. I think that not everything is light, the computer screen/area involves a lot of darkness, what were they trying to do there? as far as analyzing goes, I agree with Amanda, to me it looks more like an admiration look than a sexual tension look. I think you could expand on that idea that like woman may work but despite that they're still dependent on men cause that's what I'm getting from the look of admiration.