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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Szemeredy - Fallacies

Appeal to Authority
The Buenos Aires Newspaper La Nacion reported on 27 July 1876...”

In hopes that the report from a famous newspaper would allow for a sense of credibility.

We find more information in police reports. The officer in charge of the investigation stated...” Just as the newspaper was to give a sense of credibility, the police reports are meant to increase the authors sense of credibility.
Quantifier Shift The newspaper does not say in so many words and only hints at it...” Assumptions are made in order to make all of the data work.

This narrative, which has taken us through some of the places where Szmeredy was up to his usual tricks, reveals some of his characteristics. Though some events are difficult to prove...” Talks about how Szmeredy's characteristics and personality make it more reasonable or more likely that he would be the Ripper.
Wishful Thinking In the aftermath of the murder... The following year...” References all of his travel times and how they make him guilty. (Not sure if this may be appeal to ignorance or wishful thinking on the part of the author, possibly both.)
Anecdotal Fallacy A contemporary newspaper reported that when he was arrested in Brazil...” The use of several reports to conclude how possible it is to have Szmeredy as the ripper because of the reports vivid details that are too similar to Ripper reports.

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