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Schemes & Tropes -- Perelman & Olbrechts-Tyteca -- Fallacies

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Perelman-Chapman-Breanna Reyes


“The police authorities entertained a strong idea that some sinister connection existed...” This was all probable data they had no real evidence they just wanted you to think they did. Also, they wanted to put it at the beginning of the paper so by the time you got to the end you would forget all about that statement.

“Their actions based upon no foundations...”
“It is now proposed to present the case for supposing...”
These are assumptions because they have no foundation. They don’t have an argument.  

“These declarations, as mere declarations without evidence to support them…” This sentence is by no means concrete. They are stating the facts that have no evidence to support the claim.
Argument types:
Quasi-logical arguments
The timeline between JACK-THE-RIPPER and CHAPMAN. This is a timeline of when Jack-The-Ripper and Chapman were in the same area around the same time. These are arranged in columns. This helps establish that chapman was the killer.


  1. Your analysis is good, you might just want to expand on how these elements work or fail for the argument. Especially with the Premises. Your fallacies are well explained. You just need to decide if these arguments work to convince the reader if Chapman was the Ripper.

  2. You have a solid foundation on Perelman's concepts. I like your arguments about the intentions of the author with where, what, and how he placed the statements. Now what these intentions are, I guess that could be your thesis if you haven't developed one!