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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Francis Thompson Fallacies- Emily Solis

Interpretive Schemes
Premise Modifiers- Interpretation
“Thompson’s most famous poem ‘The Hound of Heaven” described as the pursuit of a human soul by God.
“One possible motive for The Ripper to have killed these five women, and sent letters to the press, was that he thought that he had been chosen be God, and that he thought that he was the voice of God. Perhaps by killing these five women he would be inflicting five wounds upon society’s church, goverment, science,literature, and people.”

“It was at the very time of the ripper murders that it is claimed Thompson took to the streets to find her.”
Based on the Structure of Reality
Intention- Coexistence
“In all five murders the nearest landmark is Christ Church of Whitechapel. It was built in 1714 and completed in 1729. It still dominates the surrounding street-scape with its portico and spire.”
“In the middle ages, when the Roman Catholic Church dominated England, there were in existence areas of land, usually a church and surrounding sacred ground, known as sanctuaries. A sanctuary was a safe harbor for the accused.”
Quazi-Logical Argument
Formal Analysis
“Back then, if someone committed murder but reached a sanctuary then they could avoid arrest. It was reasoned that if a suspect was truly guilty then their fate was under the jurisdiction not of the sherrif, but of God. If a suspect could enter sacred ground without suffering a blight from heaven then it was reasoned that they must be innocent.”


  1. You have good data, you just need to explain how it buildings into the argumentative style. If you looked at what all these aspects of arguments create you will be able to give a fantastic presentation. Same goes for the fallacies, while all your examples are good you just need to explain what they do to the argument. You've done 85% of the work already now you just need to put it into a thesis.

  2. I like the fallacies you have listed. Now all you need is a thesis. Thesis wise, If you combine this information with the perelman concepts you could make a reasonable argument about the author's intentions? idk you can do alot with good information so keep up the good work.

  3. You have a great argument in with Perelman. When you are presenting your argument point out that he thought he was the "messiah" and he could hide out in the sanctuary. Relate it back to God then talk about the "messiah" again.