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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Samantha Lopez-Mary Jack the Ripper


Although there is no evidences showing that Jack the Ripper is a women, there are witness of the night showing how Ripper was running away from the crime scene with women’s clothing.

There are also the possibility that the suspect is Mary Pearcey because of her conviction of killing her lover’s wife after the Ripper murders and leaving the same MO at the crime scene.

DNA testing shows how testing an old hair particle can still obtain profiles from hair DNA and still find the results of which the DNA belongs to from 106 years ago.

There were multiple suspects of Jack the Ripper and the including a “phoney doctor, a real doctor, famous author, and articles and a royal family member.” Audience might want to consider all the possible that it could be any of this people.
Although Jack the Ripper got its name from publicity it was still gained and ordering value to it when it was the murders and the how people reacted to the murders, Then when the murders happen it was the newspaper that gave it the news cover that they gave to the public. Then it was the public that gave the name of bogey man.

Because all the murders are happening and witnesses seeing a person, wearing women is clothing leaving evidence in the crime scene shows how the suspect could possibly be a women.

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