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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Kosminski - Perelman - Arthur Munoz

Presumption    It is not a stretch to imagine that Aaron would have begun to develop a general resentment of adults and authority figures as a result of this.
Presumption    It is also important to consider that Aaron probably shared a bed with his sisters or even perhaps his mother when he was a child. It is possible that Aaron had developed sexualized and perhaps violent fantasies involving the female members of his family.
Presumption    Although we have no evidence for this, we must consider the possibility that Aaron even witnessed the rape of his mother or his sisters.
Presumption    Thus we must consider the possibility that Aaron was raised without a strong father figure in a family environment dominated by females.
Definition  Normative Canter describes two models of offender behaviour known as the "marauder" and "commuter" hypothesis, which were developed from the circle theory. The marauder model assumes that an offender will "strike out" from their home base in the commission of their crimes, whereas the commuter model assumes that an offender will travel a distance from their home base before engaging in criminal activity.
Succession   Living conditions in the Pale were extremely crowded, and it is almost certain that Aaron would have shared a bed with either his parents or his sisters when he was young
Double Hierarchy    The thing to remember about paranoid schizophrenics (and from what I've read, Kosminski more or less fits into this category) is that their IQs are typically above average and they become quite adept over the years at hiding their delusional system from others.

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