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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Quasi-logical arguments

Perelman uses this chapter to talk about Quasi-Logical arguments, about how they are used in the real world and some examples about how they can be used. This chapter is mainly going through all the different types of Quasi-Logical arguments and describing them. It also uses a lot of complex words that confuse me to where i have to read them multiple times for me to understand them.


  1. Wait a minute...what happened to the Rosa Kuleshova case? I liked where it was going! This is the Perelman book! What is happening? What Perelman argument types are in the case of Rosa Kuleshova? (Austin, the assignment was to analyze the arguments of your Fallacies book, not to identify the ones in Perelman.)

    The case of Rosa Kuleshova sounded like it had something going for it. What happened? I think you got a great argument in it, please go back to it!

  2. I think you should add a little bit more of your commentary on how things work and tie in together. But if you already know all that then it's a good job!

  3. I thought you did a pretty god job! like they said, add a bit more commentary but overall i like how you set it up and what you already wrote looks good!