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Thursday, February 23, 2017

This Baffling World Argument

Argument Types
Establishing the Structure of Reality
Event strikes the imagination in connection with the rule
This is pretty much a story built on imagination.
To add elements to the story to make it more believable.
Establishing the Structure of Reality
Argument separating event/s and rules/realities.
There are four different stories.
So that the book as a whole seems more believable.



  1. For your evidence I would have used direct quotations like I stated in your last post simply because I would have a better sense of where you're trying to go. I'm not reading the book you're talking about so I'm not too sure on the argument, but you did give purpose on why the author chose to use those argument types.

  2. I would like to see more information, either direct quotes and/or your own thoughts. I have very little to go off of since I am not reading the same book as you. Would you say that four cases constitutes a reasonable and convincing number of cases in the mind of most readers? What is a convincing number and would one really vivid and well documented case be enough to convince people?