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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Our Haunted Planet

Slippery slope
A series of steps in a casual chain and the support/probabilities for each is omitted in an argument that A basically causes Z.
Use of probable data about Ultraterrestials as well as the many parts that do not connect very well with one another such as the Men in Black causes the idea that there is more to this planet, “Our Haunted Planet”
Facts/Truths (Supposed)
Probable data
“Since the beginning of recorded time, man and his world have been plagued by unknown forces and beings, baffled by archaeological phenomena, and haunted by prophecies that often came true.”
(Back of Book)
Premise Modifier
Divide whole into parts
Here evidence of:
·      Advanced civilizations existing thousands of years before the cave man
·      The strange Men in Black
·      People who vanish and reappear within hours in another part of the world
·      Appearances of angel and demigods who appear and make startling predictions that never come true
(Back of book)
Quasi-logical argument
Treating something as a part of a larger whole
“The indigenous natives of the Americas, Africa, and the Pacific all adopted ceremonial dress patterned after the garb of the ultraterrestials, just as the robes and trappings of the early churches of the white man were patterned after the dress of the angels and gods who allegedly visited them.”

“All human art began as part of our urge to pay tribute to them. The arts of painting and sculpture, the arts of drama and dance, and of course, the art of storytelling, were all products of that urge.”
(Pg. 131)
Based on the structure of reality
Doing B will slippery slope to D
Pg. 131

Our Haunted Planet 
Through the use of the premise and premise modifiers over supposed facts/truths and amplifications, the arguments of inclusion and direction can be made by Perelman's work. The book uses probable data and division of things revolving around extraterrestrial activity to strengthen the arguments being made within the book. Inclusion is found throughout the book where two completely different types of people and cultures are compared and a questionable thesis is made for how and why a certain acts due to ultraterrestials that we know nothing about. This connection that is trying to be made is what allows for direction to be used as a way to argue the point about ultraterrestials. "Due to western culture dressing a certain way due to angels and gods then non westerners must have picked up their way of ceremonial dress from these supposed ultraterrestials." Making this book hard to find true to believe that there is a extraterrestrial species that has been helping man kind along the way and also how certain cultures that we know nothing about got there culture from (if not from a certain religion that we are familiar with, then it must be not form this world argument).

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