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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Napster and why stealing is ok


Picture 1

In this first picture we get that how napster was used and what exactly it is related to. We also learned that thanks to napster other forms of torrenting were brought about (which is and isn't bad)

This leaves a large gap for things to be negatively broadcasted on it however it can also be positivly reinforced with the mind set that it is a shared community

This idea here is more of showing that laws have broken down our aspects and means of sharing, it may hurt some but it takes away something that was free and at "public domain"

Picture 2
Based on this picture it pretty much lays out most of what i need to argue (this is an abstract)
I will use that its about past
how it affected
how it is affecting
The symbolism

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  1. You've made it pretty clear that what you'll be addressing is the transition from society being pretty reluctant to downloading online content for free to being pretty accepting. I think you could bolster your thesis by using pieces of rhetoric that express this from a first person point of view. Maybe some interviews of regular people from the past and present on how they feel about downloading content?