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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Burke- Breanna Reyes

Naziism, Past and Future

Hitler is telling from his point of view he is saying how this is producing a better breed of humans. He quotes “Germans should not second rate people.”  He wanted to make sure that this revolution turned into a evolution.  He said that the League of nations needs to be about action and not about speeches. They have had they chance to act and they are not taking it.
Emergent Collective- this is saying that they want the audience to be in the author’s frame of acceptance, which to me sounds like what Hitler, is trying to achieve. He wants everyone to think that he is not a bad person but rather helping the world cleanse itself.  He wants to know that he can depend on people to follow him on his path.
Emotional overtones- he wanted the League to take  action but it was the way he said so.


  1. The analysis of Hitler may be accurate, but a clearer focus on how post WWI Germany became Hitler's Germany would probably make this easier to follow.

  2. Good analysis of Hitler so far, however it wouldn't hurt to find more burkean data on him.