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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Burke Silent Films and Talking Films Samantha Lopez

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My main switch out of the talking film and the silent film was because The Warner Brothers wanted to make their movies more popular and one brother suggested giving the film sounds because he loved to listen to radio. However, when the first film came out was the “the sound of life” and maybe that is why there is “The Sound of Music.” However, through all this Burke analysis and his thought made it seem like all the changes were the purpose of people wanted the actors to come to life and make it more realistic in the people’s lives.

Talking Films

Emergent collectivision
“Without improvement, people will tire of talkers. Talking is no substitute for the good acting we had in silent pictures.”                                                             

The purpose for this is giving the thoughts about a future look at what films might be.
“After deliberating six days and six nights for a new type of picture, the producers of a big company decided to make a war story.”
The purpose of this metaphor is making it emotional and really meant it for the plot.
“Instead of finding motion picture start engaged in the carousals they are crediting with, I found time living sane and normal lives, so they may be fit to excel in their work. In fact, I doubt if men and women in any other profession gives so much thought to the way daily living affects their productive value.”
The purpose of this cluster is having all the motion picture and the lives of men and women together.
Silent Films

“There is nothing at the moment indicative of a better relationship existing between the exhibitor branch of the trade and the distribution and production end.”
This silent review show how it changes because of the relationship of hwo the production changes through emotions
Emergent Collectivision
“This results is a splendid response to the appeal of the press and the citizens and Massachusetts against this undue political aggression, but just as certainly is it a challenge to the motion picture industry to work out successfully its own program for its own betterment, and that responsibility is accepted by the industry and will be discharged.”
This is the response to how the audience feels towards what people want out of life and making it real for the audiences.

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