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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Cavalier's Stuff

In the ad there is a part that says and wear and wear and wear. Which is repetition of not only sound but words itself.
same but with vowel sounds
In the first paragraph we get that it will be a MERRY Christmas if you give mojud to your lady. Getting lucky or having sex as a reference.
In the part where we see the - - -  that is the argument is “valid”
The part where Christmas belle is said is what I am referring to for this.
The dazzle a damsel, flatter the figure, and wear and wear and wear!
Value – very dark
Saturation- dark and saturated
Low contrast
Very dark giving the sense of something bad may happen, or something “bad” (naughty, sexual)
Santa is farther back giving us the sense that the girl is on his lap
The picture seems empty leaving much to the imigination
So we can see everything in its order
Implied distance
Medium long shot
Full body in the picture but not enough missing for the imagination to go crazy
Things aren’t all to real and the santa behind the woman looks even more fake than she is
Stroke weight
Stroke weight continued
The stroke changes from some parts to another where is almost seems as if they don’t truly go together

Slightly bold at points, mostly on MOJUD

The first part looks as if it is almost written by hand

Picture here, it wouldn't come through well

To make it merry…make it MOJUD

Listen…you beloved, be-whiskered Santas! To make it a MERRY Christmas give Mojud…stockings and lingerie.
            For Mojud stockings are sheer and dear to the feminine heart. Extra “give” and spring back in the knit, make them fit-feel-look-wear better, too! Fashion Harmony shades.
            And Mojud patented slips, panties, nighties, and pajamas are dream-stuff for your Christmas Belle, too! The dazzle a damsel, flatter the figure, and wear and wear and wear!
Stockings and Lingerie by Mojud

My argument is that you can only make your woman feel like a woman with mojud and thats the only way you'll get any (sex)!

Mojud is clear so it is easily readable and able to be made out. 
Make your woman feel like a woman.
Telling men that don’t know what to get their woman that this is what she wants.
Even santa cant resist a temptress.
Even naughty people get to sit on santas lap ;)
Your woman doesn’t look good unless its MOJUD.
Christmas isn’t Christmas without MOJUD.
Mojud has everything a lady could want, you just have to pick for her.

Woman are dreaming of Mojud.


  1. I agree with your argument that this ad is pushing the idea that buying Mojud for your woman will get you sex. I would add to your argument that this ad could definitely also appeal to single women as well in the sense that the woman in the picture is almost overly glamorous. It's basically saying "if you buy our product you'll look like this, and get your own santa."

  2. You're right on track. Women are complicated and ALWAYS in some way concerned with self-esteem. We want want makes us feel good and look good. From a woman's perspective, if women are given lingere or clothing that are made out of lingere material, it makes them feel good...puts them in whole other mindset. Then you add Santa...husbands beware.

  3. I think that you have apoint that this ad appeals to women, but I think that it is first foremost an ad FOR men, about women. This ad is asking men to buy this product to please the woman which will make her feel sexy which will make them happy. Sure it can also appeal to women, but I think it is more for men than you initially.

  4. Lol the only way to get a woman into bed is to buy her Mojud! of course it doesn't hurt to buy a woman sexy underwear! Its funny that it calls all men Santa... Because every woman wants to secretly sleep with Santa?