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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Animal Rights Mobilization Data Table



Figures, schemes, tropes, visual, typography

Premises-Concrete hierarchies to promote the success of past movements and their success to relate it to animal rights, as it is the only thing left to do. “We’ve established women’s rights, children’s rights, gay rights, and I think the final frontier of social evolution is animal rights.”
Challenging authorities on behalf of people’s needs and interests that aren’t even relevant. Red Herring: “God gave man dominion over the fish and the sea, and over the fowls of the air, and over the cattle, but imposed no voluntary subjection of one man to another.”
Meat is murder, now anytime someone eats meat they are now going to think of murder, it acts as a shock to society, somewhat maybe even too shocking.
PETA, people for the ethical treatment of animals, the most visible group promoting animal rights, and one of the most successful contemporary social movement organizations commonly makes use of moral claims as a framing technique.
Order loci, lamb of god, choose life, go vegetarian. This is submitting to the idea of most important to least important, but because the important is so important to some people, they are more than likely going to want to agree.
“It’s not a movement you need to join by sending a donation. It’s a movement you can join at your next meal.” This acts as a black or white, it is saying that you no longer have to pay any money to join our movement, but you can just not eat meat at your next meal to save those animals that could’ve been on your plate.
“Lamb of God, choose life, go vegetarian” Arrangement climax, drawing in people who believe that in God or religion, visually seeing the bloody sheep hanging in the background, the sheep represents peace or cleansed, then saying choose life making people now keep interested because of them wanting to believe in life, then leaving them on the note of vegetarianism.
Moral Protesters who are agents in social movements, 50,000 people are actively in, and a budget of $13.4 million
The contemptuous comparison, “To animals all people are nazis” comparing humans to nazi’s and offending anyone who reads this. Placing a terrible situation that happened to humans in comparison with animals to get people to try and realize how bad this situation actually is.
“holocaust on your plate” “Meat is murder” “Jesus was a vegetarian”- Appeal to tradition
Visually placing men in concentration camps, against chickens in their stall nests, this is cruel to those that suffered in the holocaust because those are real people, animals do not have a decision or affect by displaying their stuggles.
The campaign moves towards trying to move everyone on board with them, they then move to target groups, men, women, middle aged, 18 – 27, religion, American affiliation
“Proud to be a vegetarian American” appealing to tradition, relating people to the idea of being American, making the claim that if you are American, you will support the idea of becoming vegetarian and help the animals.
I see this movement as an Epic, all these animals are being killed and slaughtered, and PETA trys to come and swoop in to save the animals, and save the humans from being “terrible” or not being American, or not being ethical people.

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